The Finance Leadership Forum is a community of professionals dedicated to supporting our members to learn and network. We provide forum and opportunities to support the growth of anyone interested in Finance and Leadership.

Who Are Our Members

We are a family of professionals from diverse background. We have members from parastatals, private and non-profit making sector. Members based in and outside the Gambia. We have CFOs, Auditors, Treasurers, Bankers, Controllers, Directors of Finance, Educators, Accountants and other senior leaders.

This broad membership base offers the opportunity to connect, engage,  and learn from their peers with a variety of educational opportunities.

Benefits of Membership

To learn and not learn is a choice between growth and stagnation. You need the right network to learn beyond textbooks. FLF offers the following benefits

  • Networking opportunities – like-minded professionals
  • Learning events such as training, webinars etc
  • Social impact projects such as supporting women in finance, secondary school students.

Key Activities of FLF

  • Webinars & seminars
  • Newsletter – Periodic newsletter production for member
  • Training of members and non-members
  • Research – production of research materials relevant to finance
  • Social programs such as finance career awareness in schools, women career in finance, small businesses support etc.

Pricing of Membership

All these benefits, the annual membership fee is D1,000 ($20) plus a one-time registration fee of D500

Ready to Join?

Whether you are looking to grow your professional development, learn new perspectives, network with peers, or explore new areas, we have the tools and resources for your continued success.

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