Founded in 2021, Finance Leadership Forum began as a webinar for finance leaders in April 2020. The first webinar was organized by IG Business and Finance to raise awareness of COVID-19 impact on businesses and financial reporting among finance professionals. The event was followed by many other webinars with speakers from across the world.
Furthermore, the team also noticed the absence of a platform that cater the development of financial professionals of all background. Therefore, discussions started on how to register a platform to support more people. Similarly, a team of young people were also discussing a similar platform concept. Then, we agreed to form one forum.

More than a Webinar

As we proceed to set up the forum, our review shows situations that required the need for this type of forum.
There are several finance-related professional bodies in the Gambia. However, the current bodies are either sector-focused or qualification related. For instance, the Gambia Bankers Institute focuses on banking sectors needs while the Gambia Institute of Chartered Accountants focuses on chartered accountants.
Nonetheless, there are finance professionals e.g treasurers, risk managers who work in other sectors or are not chartered. We also know that every year, the two universities in the Gambia produces more accounting graduates than the number of new qualified chartered accountants in the country. The development of these individuals is essential for the country.
Therefore, Finance Leadership Forum (FLF) is set up to support the development of all finance professional.
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